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The Sunrise is the reason for many celebrations, in which magic and superstitions take part. It is currently considered one of the most inspiring and vital moments of the day. The Sunrise concept is based on this moment. The aim of this product is so clear: to transmit the calmness, inspiration and mysticism we feel when watching the sunrise, but anytime of the day.

The Sunrise functioning is based on the oil consumption found in the tank. A lift plate and a counterweight joined by a pulley device allow the tank to move progressively as the oil is being consumed. Then if the tank is full, the light of the flame will be in the lower part and as the oil is being consumed both the lift plate and the tank, as well as the flame, will reach the upper part. The maximum duration of the movement is approximately 8 hours if the tank is full. This object is thought to be used outdoors but can be used indoors, too.